Monday, October 31, 2011


Oh boy, Halloween will soon be upon us and I'm a little apprehensive about all the decorating awaiting me. I've sort of cultivated a reputation in our neighborhood for having the scariest house - really, I don't know how it happened.... it's just that every year I find one more creepy addition to our sccaaaarrrryyyyy stuff.... (Last year it was a last-minute markdown gargoyle which bellows a truly frightening exhortation to those who would dare to approach). I've recently been identified (by my daughter's new classmate) as that scary monster who scared her little sister so bad that she points to our cul-de-sac whenever they drive by...

But for a slightly tamer approach, I saw this ViewMaster style card on Dawn Olchefske's blog ( and was surprised at how easy it was. I think my little grand-niece and -nephews will love it! After all, I don't want them to be freaked out by their Great Auntie Sas!

There are five or six different images (depending on how closely I stamped them!) to scroll through...

.... that is, if they don't mind touching spiders!

I used an old Fiskars embossing plate to emboss the spider web for a little extra interest.

I'm hoping to get the kids to make some big gravestones out of styrofoam to tuck into the spiderwebs this year. What frights do you have planned for your little trespassers??

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  1. These cards are fabulous also. Love the textures.