Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Eric!

Well, the plan was the drive-in (Pirates of the Caribbean - Cap'n Jack, be still my heart!) but thunderstorms were forecast all weekend. I'm not great for planning ahead as it is, so now what? Inspiration blessed me... Glow-in-the-dark miniature golf at the mall!

We went at dinnertime and had the place mostly to ourselves, so our sextuplet got to play through - with a few exceptions - and it took a while, but it was pretty cool. (But not as cool as these dudes... Whasa!)

You haven't lived until you see your children hip-hopping in the glow-in-the-dark (brought back many black-light memories, I have to admit, but alas, Hendrix and Zeppelin were missing...)

Some of us had more fun than others. I, for one, had a blast! The music was too loud, certain of my children were cranky, and it took forever to play 18 holes, but....... it was a great time. I enjoyed my children's company, and no matter what they might tell you, they had FUN!

They all loved attempting to traverse the lazer maze without tripping a beam.... not a great deal of success but plenty of willingness to challenge their prowess. (Don't you just love teens?)

We didn't get any photos of the revelers in the lazer maze, but it was cool to watch on the overhead screen, and they could have continued until they shook me upside for more coins, but fortunately, the hip-hop got to us all and we finally left, with a little daylight remaining, to track down the rest of the party stuff: shopping for cake, ice cream and soda with 5 wild children and a big take-out bag of Chinese food favorites! Don't forget the movie on PPV!

... And a little Cherry Cobbler splatter and a stampin' off Pacific Point shadow image made this card perfect for my cool dude. PTI's "Dude, You Rock" is a totally excellent - yeah, dude - way! to tell Eric how special he is. It looks a little plain, but the back was hopped up with a cute little gift card envelope with some I Tunes scratch to keep my kid in rock-hoppin'rhythm!

So, my hip-hopping jumping jiving lively lovely son, just want you to know that I know that you ROCK! (and ROLL!)

Happy Birthday, Eric! (my love, my heart)

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  1. Great post. I love all the photos and the description of all the activities.