Sunday, August 19, 2012

On the lake again

We were lucky enough to squeeze in another visit to the lake during the last weekend in July, this time with the kids: Toots brought her grandkids; only Eric and Dominique came with me. (Connor stayed behind to prepare for his Canoe Base adventure with his dad.)   We managed to stay ahead of the rain clouds all the way to Maine.

It started out quiet enough. We were the only visitors when we arrived and Auntie Lou and Paula were happy to see us.  The neighbors from across the lake came by Friday afternoon and took us on a cruise on another slow-moving vessel, their White Trash Barge (no commentary on the name of this ship!)

Max and Eric were excited by the prospect at spending the weekend together, at camp no less!

It was Paige's very first boat ride!

We were treated to a serene and lovely sunset, with the water burbling gently and swirling with pink and gold reflections.  The loons gave us a wide berth but were content enough to stay within view.

The next day was a little livelier, as cousin Stevie and his son Seth showed up, along with the usual suspects, and most everyone ventured out on the lake.  Paige got to go in the paddleboat with Auntie Lou and Peanut, and she got a ride in neighbor Paul's motorboat, too!

Then it was the boys' turn.

Oh no, you didn't just dare Paul that he couldn't knock you off...



Stevie's first, of course...

Seth's next...

Eric is still holding on underneath...


 Round two:

I want to give a big thanks to my cousin Paula for sharing these great photos she took from the boat!

Adrenaline junkie...

 And later Eric caught a fish!

Sitting here in this swing is such a pleasant respite from my daily routine at home.  I love the peaceful view, the gentle lapping of the water hitting the shore, the conversations of friends and family that liven the afternoon and evening...

 Remember:  No having fun at Camp Grouchy!

My video's not the greatest but still it captures a little of the feeling of being at the lake:

The picture that's worth 1,000 words (but if you want the words too, Paige has them all!)

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