Saturday, August 18, 2012

Camp week

Connor and Eric spent a week at Camp Resolute in July with their fellow Troop 21 Scouts.

I dropped them off on Sunday and then returned for a visit on Wednesday to see the water races.

Here they all had to dogpaddle while holding on to a kick board...  made for a lot of splashing and not a lot of forward motion!

Looks like Connor's more interested in the scenery than in his dogpaddle relay...

Meanwhile, down Maine, my sister Toots and I went to spend the weekend at Auntie Lou's camp.  It is a spot I find so low-key and relaxing, and I looked forward to a couple days of R&R.

My little idyll included a boat ride like I've never experienced... as a matter of fact, it's pretty hard to describe.

It was sooooooo hot in New England this weekend, and frequent dips in the drink were required.  The lake being quite shallow, it was most effective to bob around in a float in order to be submerged.  Imagine my surprise and delight to be invited to board the SS Valium for a cruise around the lake.  (Here I want to invite you to look more closely at the little contraption above.)

This is my cousin Kevin's new craft, his handicraft, and let me tell you, we were the envy of everyone who watched us from shore.  The engine is perfectly silent and pulls the big comfy tubes along (with our butts cooling in the mesh-lined seats), quietly and slowly - very slowly - all along the shore.  It was so mellow and relaxing that we all declared it must be named the S.S. Valium.  My goal, next time I'm at camp, is to have a long, cool snooze in this perfect little boat.

Back on shore, the ladies were painting the leaf birdbaths that Paula crafts out of giant leaves, like rhubarb and hosta, and cement. 

Sitting on the swing next to the lake is one of my favorite places to be.

So is sitting on the dock looking out.  It was a quiet weekend on the water, which is just how I like it!

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  1. This place does look oh so relaxing. I think you guys need to get a patent for the S.s. Valium. What an awesome thing this is. Live those painted leaves. You will have to show me one in pderson the next time I see you. Great post, thanks for sharing.