Friday, May 6, 2011

Storm clouds

I was lying on my bed after work this afternoon, looking out the window at the pretty PJM rhododendron blooming there. Since my bed is below ground level, I was looking up through the flowers to the stormy gray sky behind. It was a striking contrast so I decided to open the window and take a couple of photos.

The whole day kept going from sunny blue sky to stormy and gray and back again. This lovely view greets me when I open my window shade each morning (although this photo was taken in late afternoon):

The green lenten roses are behind the pink flower (forgetting its name!) but they're hard to see in the photo because they're all facing away from the window. I eagerly await their blooms each Easter. It's amazing to see the buds emerge, often looking ragged, from under the snow in March, and then to see them unfurl day by day. It's gratifying to have something blooming so early after so much snow.

The dark clouds filled the sky for a little while, and then blew away, leaving behind blue sky and shining clouds once again.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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  1. What a simple joy to see flowers blooming outside a window. I was in a meeting today with a window and there was a large blossoming tree outside in full bloom. It was a wonderful site.