Friday, August 31, 2012

Camp TV: Cookin' with Auntie Lou

Meals are an important part of camp life.  All that fresh air and recreation give rise to big appetites, and one never knows quite how many hungry tummies will show up to eat.  Everyone brings something to the table and the spread depends on the assortment in everyone's coolers.  Auntie Lou likes to choreograph each meal, and she has definite ideas about how certain things must be done.  (By the way, it's best to bring your onions already chopped.)  She also has her share of unusual recipes and likes to enlist our help in the kitchen, to locate particular ingredients in her cabinets and fridge, to discuss possible substitutions if we fail to turn up the required spice or sugar, or to read a recipe out loud for her (over and over and over...)  Over the years, I have enjoyed some of Auntie Lou's specialties, like peas and potatoes and blueberry cake.

Auntie Lou loves to bake, especially if someone brings her some fresh berries.  Blueberry cake is a perennial favorite, and there is usually some kind of fruit confection warm out of the oven to enjoy with a cup of coffee.

Auntie Lou has some interesting cooking machines in her cozy kitchen.  Here she is making muffins in a donut press.

Kinda funky but probably pretty tasty, especially with a DD Hazelnut K-Cup...

Auntie Lou is quite proud of her nearly antique toaster... I think she said she got it as a wedding present nearly 70 years ago!  It is a bit persnickety but with a little perseverence, it will toast even thick slices of homemade bread, automatically lowering the bread and then popping it up when toasted - sometimes a little more than one might wish, but hey, this thing has been faithfully feeding  countless breakfasters for decades!

She also has a vintage hot dog steamer which she especially prizes.  There's always a demonstration for new visitors, although the machine has become very finicky in its old age and doesn't always cooperate.

I know my videos are kind of crappy - I don't know how to edit - but this is too good not to share:  (There's a bit of an inside joke going on here; I hope you find it humorous, too!)

You bring me a lot of laughs and joy, Auntie Lou!  I love you!

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