Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inspiration for Afternoon Tea

I came across this fabulous card made by Andrea Walford - her blog at www.andreawalford.com is one of my favorites. She's got great style and does some very nice videos showcasing interesting techniques. Anyway, I shamelessly copied this card, substiting my retired French script background and using pearls instead of rhinestones. I never would have thought to use black butterflies - I'm usually too literal. But the exciting thing is that, partway through constructing this, inspiration fluttered by...

I've had a couple of stamps that I've been wanting to use, to incorporate into my teacup series (once it is actually a series!) I had a vague idea kicking around in my head, and I looked at the stamps again this past week, but no particular idea came to mind. Tonight, though, the colors of the black butterfly card just jumped out at me and I had my design:

I hope you're not too sick of black and green. I can't wait to send this to my pal! Now I just have to get busy finishing my oft-mentioned teacup series.

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  1. Beautiful butterfly card..and your second card is just too funny! Happy birthday!