Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Telescoping circles

I copied this cute little card from Barb Mullikin - her template, my stamped design.

(There's a video how-to in her March 13, 2011 post on

I just love interactive cards and this one is easy to make, and will impress! This was a quickie first attempt but I will make more when I think up a good design. In particular, I want to figure out a good border around the center circle because the edge shows when it's closed. I'll get a-round to it one of these days...


  1. So cute. This sentiment works so well with this butterfly set. This is also another great color combination of blue and yellow. The navy with the softer yellow is really elegant.

  2. Thanks, Linda (for your comments AND for the loan of your stamp set!) Actually, this is Concord Crush, not navy. I know, my photos need improvement. Gotta research light boxes...

    PS This is my daughter's Google account... I didn't notice before I posted!