Sunday, August 14, 2011

Boy Scouts and blueberries

The annual pool party for Troop 21 was a fun end to an exciting year of scouting.

Badges and awards were passed out and our scouts' achievements were applauded. Ben, Connor and Eric all got their share.

I am so glad that my boys are enjoying their Scouting experience and I am grateful to their leaders and organizers who make all the adventures happen.

Later in the week, Dominique, Tessa and I went blueberry picking at a nearby farm, after a stop at the local farmers' market for some goodies, including giant cups of icy, fresh-squeezed lemonade to keep us hydrated!

An adventure tamer than most of the Scouts' trips, but an adventure for us, nonetheless! The farm is tucked down a tree-lined lane off a busy road, and I wouldn't have known it was there except for the hand-letter sign pointing the way to "BLUEBERRIES". Once past the main entrance, you find yourself facing a gigantic bright red barn down a small hill, and off to the right, all under netting, are rows and rows of succulent, big berries for the picking. YUM! The first time Dominique and I went was a magical day, with orchard orioles flying all over the place, hopping under the netting to get their share of luscious fruit. We rapidly filled our buckets, although Dominique admitted that she ate as many berries as she picked! In an hour we amassed four quarts between us (most of mine went into the bucket, you see), and it cost $16, a lot less than the price at the supermarket!

We're out of berries now, and I hope there are still some left for the picking this week!

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  1. I know that blueberry picking place. It's awesome. When we lived in Ashland we would go there every summer. They had great berries and good prices too. I hope you are able to get back for some more of them. We are enjoying weekly trips to the farm stand (no pick your own there, but they pick it all same day.) We love this time of year for the fresh fruits and veggies. Hope you have a great week.